Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Being Peace

I started this fitness bootcamp and though I've usually been in pretty good shape, I'm learning more about feeling worn out and inspired more each session

Sure my body is improving but also my mind, spirit and outlook. 

When we build up one part of our lives, others follow and smiles come easier, sleep lasts longer and making friends that much more fulfilling.

Some guys in our group can't keep up and one thing I try to do is encourage them, mostly on our fitness walk.  That walk is only 3 miles and has been mid day when the sun is at it's peak and some guys bodies are already worn out. 

Saying "Hey, you made it this far" not only gives them support but myself as well.

I'm going to try that at work, and in every day life

"Hey, WE made it this far; let's all keep going together"

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