Monday, February 13, 2012

Real People

M. is a fiend of mine, a good one (thus the initial of "M" instead of his real name).  He's a pretty good entertainer, fun to be with, worldly wise and super out going. 

I learned that after a show he likes to "unwind" with some cocktails.  Not one  or two but a few hours worth.  No big deal, he spends a lot of time getting ready and he's really got a one of kind show.

Well, turns out even between shows, he REALLY likes that bar stool. So much so he'll be at one or the other of his favorite places when they open at 9am till about 6pm.  Sipping, chatting and after the first hour, telling people how they should run their lives.

Odd thing about M is that he says often, lets go to this place since L, the bar tender is "real people."

Real people to M includes that bartender, all of the other bar tenders at one other place too and any one who agrees with him.

What makes them "real people" I've asked, & "M" says they're genuine and nice.   Heck on my job I'm genuine and nice too.  People don't pay me (i.e. TIP) to be nice though.

Recently "M" left his phone on the bar at his favorite and most regular place.

Since then he's said "Now I know why people despise going out, they're all mean and unkind"

This past weekend, after the phone loss on Friday he hasn't been out to any of the bars since & today he said, "I think I'll be pulling back on the drinking"

Technically "M" is an alcoholic.   Even though he's said he's not his behavior sure fits the mold and after I've dated more than MY fair share of alcoholics, I know one when I see one.

I love "M" so much I  started enabling him but in the past four weeks not at all.  I leave when he pontificates.

It almost broke up our friendship.   After today when he knocked on my door asking for help to get this new phone turned on, he said he'd had enough.  Did he admit the real problem? 

Time will tell, but until then, he's agreed we'll talk more but that I won't stay friends with some one ingenue about his own self.

Yes,  l love "M" and even more so I love myself and will stand my ground to keep my life from going back wards.

That's all any one can do