Monday, May 21, 2012

We Did It: All 5k

As I got to the beach & found my team, the Pride Center; I knew this would be so much more differant from the AIDS Walks I've done before.  1st, being in sand & not a grassy, muddy park was 'unusual' but then again I live in South East Florida. 

By 8:30 am there were already hundreds of people on the beach looking for their own teams & friends.

People of all ages kept coming in too.

One guy had this little bear, DAB the AIDS Bear & I got my photo taken with DAB as did so many others.

After walking on this hot Sunday morning, pretty awesome music followed all from one small stage on the beach ending with the B52s!!

Who new raising funds and awareness & making new friends could  be so much fun?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunday May 20

One way I have of "giving back" to those who help me and others who are HIV enhanced is to be active, give time and money: this Sunday I'll be walking in the Florida AIDS Walk. Keeping my anonymity I ask to give to one of the agencies I had experience with: The Pride Center in Equality Park

Will I see you on the walk Sunday morning? If so (and you recognize me) say HEY

Monday, May 14, 2012

Best bud & Disclosure

My best buddy ever lives (or at least where he has a room, address & such) in a small town in the midwest.

He's pretty open about his HIV status and a fair number of his friends in this small town (think Hooterville) know him from high school.  While I & he lived in a big city being HIV positive wasn't THAT much of a big deal.  At least odds are enough people know someone who's positive too.

Well, recently my best buddy ever complained that in the course of a week, half a dozen or more of his high school friends defriended him on Facebook because "You have AIDS"  Now he and they have been out of high school for 20 or so years so it shouldn't be a big deal but to my best buddy ever, it is

Learning when to disclose isn't easy or to whom or even why.  He had NO plans to have sex with these people (currently the only  reason one has to disclose) but the small town thinking "just ain't right"

Last week I wore my {HIV POSITIVE} t shirt. I did get a few comments on it but not me (Thank you Wilton Manors) but its not every day wear.    I wonder if my best buddy ever would wear this in his small town though it may be his own Red Badge of Courage or Scarlett Letter.

How much longer until we all can live free from bias and not just health matters but in all things.
Race, age, location, etc all make up "These United States"  or as President Obama said "There's no red states or blue states but  a United States"   

Ron Romafosky wrote a song "Living with AIDS"
He's big and he's proud
He's abrasive and loud
He can roar like a lion or be meek as a lamb
God knows he's courageous
And sometimes outrageous
He inspires me to be all that I can
But I'll never forget
The last time we met
How my heart stopped at the story he told
He said "Life can be hard
When it deals you a card
That you never expected to hold."
But then he said "It's not the end
I rely on my friends
For all the affection and love they provide
And maybe with hugs
And without booze and drugs
There is still a good chance that I may survive."
And maybe he will
'Cause he's active still
He goes to the marches and all the parades
He's not giving in
He's determined to win
He's a person who's living with AIDS 

San Fransisco Here I come

There's a big bicycle ride in California next month called AIDS Lifecycle & I'm going not to ride but see how it works. I found this organization called Positive Pedlers & I hope to meet these Knights on carbon molly steeds.

I like their motto "Eliminating stigma through our positive public example."

How bold & daring even though I'm pretty out about my status.  I may even buy one of their kick ass jerseys and wear it to the gym or the riding my bike to the beach.  

 I have my air booked and a guest house reserved. I even have one interview of some one how said he'd be willing to share his story here so  I'll finally get a point of view other than my own here

Friday, May 4, 2012

Keeping up

While sitting at my desk, slow day so far (one client ) I checked out HIV related You Tubes (how to do the 20 minute test) and peoples stories. OMGosh how were the same.

I read this on someone woman's comment on her video

My God! 'You' have HIV? Boy, it really is true that HIV is not always obvious, girl! You look so darned healthy, girl. W-o-w. Pardon my cliche ignorance, girl. Good luck to you, good luck. And keep on looking healthy! Jesus! Thanks for showing us viewers that 'looks' often don't show that a person is positive. By doing just that in itself----just by showing your healthy-looking face to us----, you are educating us... Thanks for that in itself, dear woman.

Rock out that people can be supportive!!

Hope does spring eternal

Next I checked out "ImStillJosh" a 24 year old guy in Tennessee who really has his stuff in order

Check out his blog  and have that WOW moment your self.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Never thought I'd do it

Ok, ok, I'll admit it, I went to a "bath house" this weekend. I've heard stories about them and since there are a couple of options in my town, I picked one that seemed both friendly (define that for your self) and clean.

Who knew a Sunday afternoon would be popular but the parking lot was 80% filled.

Getting in felt like going to a check cashing store in a bad area: bullet proof glass and clerks who were either too busy or just surely.

Got my towel & locker key and headed in. I will admit being impressed by a nice high end fitness gym work out area (wishing I had brought my work out gear) and the bright TV area, clean floors etc.

Just like meeting men in a bar, lots of looking but in a different state of dress or undress as it were, we all wore towels around our waist. No A & F logos to be found felt like a bit of an equalizer.

Well, being the shy guy that I am I was pleased to quickly meet a nice guy who I "entertained" and glad I had condoms & lube with me.  That was in this maze of a steam room.  I guess two guys making out can bring out everyone (and I MEAN everyone's outer whore) men were grabbing me and this guy. 
I politely swatted unwanted hands and focused as I tend to, on one man.

Now that my welcome felt good I showered and walked around to find a pool & hot tub all outside (remember Im from the north and living in SE FL for only 22 months this was intriguing)

Since I really like the meditative feel of hot tubs I got in while two guys were talking.

I added my 2 cents worth and found one guy & I had a friend connection right off.  Rico was also new to the area from New York but born in Puerto Rico.   Thank goodness I know how to roll my "R"s so our conversation about the Enchanted Isle went smooth.

He and his partner both want to find ways to connect with others not sexually and since Im in the same boat we exchanged numbers.

The rest of the day was uneventful and I left feeling a bit more empty spiritually, The sex was good and a tad risque but a real connection didn't happen with Rico being the exception. 

When I left, I was out a few dollars, some lube and the three condoms I came in with.

I did get out in time to hit my own gym and get a legitimate work out in and that felt so much better