Saturday, June 9, 2012


While checking out a couple of dating sites and even Grindr (r) I see 'ddf and UB2"  or "clean"and some times the date of the persons last HIV test.  First, I am not a disease, just a man with one living in me.

HIV does not make me or anyone else with it "DIRTY" 

Hey I shower regularly, brush my teeth and wear deodorant and cologne when appropriate.

Back to living with a stigma can lead, for me at least, shame if I'm not in a "up" mood.

Today, thanks to a friend of a friend I came across the Stigma Project and thought WOW, how can I get involved and do I want to

Then a co worker pointed out the cover of South Florida Gay News and spread across the front page like a  National Enquirer headline is "Kill AIDS before it KILLS You"   Needless to say and before we read the article, it was in 100% bad taste & judgement. 

 We're living longer now, this is NOT the 80's & early 90's 

HAART saves, good judgement saves, condoms save

The article is pretty good INSIDE but this "Shock & Awe" cover is so wrong

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