Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Better Each Day

Today would be D's and mine fourth anniversary.  Am I sad he left me?  Only a bit otherwise I wouldn't be writing about this.  I've met some fun guys and far too many who are in the same boat: just out of a relationship.

Do I crave one? Hell yes!  It's companionship I desire, a best friend, one man for one man.

Oh I could have (and did) enjoy some non personal connections but in the end I've felt empty.

Each day, I give blessings for health, work and a home of my own (more so that the room mate skipped out)

Jallen Rix wrote a song called "Better Than Before"  (sadly I can't find the lryrics) who's words meet me now so I'll end with some from Romanovsky & Phillips

Living with love, not living in fear
Healing with hope and drawing them near
It's a place to begin, it's a step we can take
Empowering people whose lives are at stake
Living with love, not living in fear
Embracing the light when shadows appear
It's a place to begin, it's a good way to start
Releasing the power we hold in our hearts

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