Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Plan to Stay That Way"

No that I'm back to being single I've been using all the ways available to find a date or such.

This is something no one ever says in person but will write in an online profile

"Negative and plan to stay that way"   Understood but why be so blunt?  What's wrong with just "Safe"

I never and don't really know anyone who PLANNED on becoming HIV positive.   UB2: that's about the same thing

How about we as a community, men who like sex and or the company of men say "I'm honest can UB2?"

Now, how I live, have relations with is our business.  I don't and never will judge some one for what may be odd like "panties" "420" "Hard core leather sex"   It's all about who you are & like.
Saying online UB2 or Plan on staying that way is, to me, expressing a fear or someone not trusting them selves or being/feeling so powerless to say "NO" to something they don't like

I say NO to liver,  No to ice cream and NO to carbs but I'm not compelled to say Plan to never eat them

Ok rant over so lets return to regular programing  and as Sergeant Phil Esterhaus: Hey, let's be careful out there.


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