Friday, May 4, 2012

Keeping up

While sitting at my desk, slow day so far (one client ) I checked out HIV related You Tubes (how to do the 20 minute test) and peoples stories. OMGosh how were the same.

I read this on someone woman's comment on her video

My God! 'You' have HIV? Boy, it really is true that HIV is not always obvious, girl! You look so darned healthy, girl. W-o-w. Pardon my cliche ignorance, girl. Good luck to you, good luck. And keep on looking healthy! Jesus! Thanks for showing us viewers that 'looks' often don't show that a person is positive. By doing just that in itself----just by showing your healthy-looking face to us----, you are educating us... Thanks for that in itself, dear woman.

Rock out that people can be supportive!!

Hope does spring eternal

Next I checked out "ImStillJosh" a 24 year old guy in Tennessee who really has his stuff in order

Check out his blog  and have that WOW moment your self.

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