Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Obersvation

I'm deviating from a Positive mode and focusing on the Gay side here

A few thoughts:

Heterosexuals are more likely to make life than homosexuals. Hetero's make kids, so after work and such, they have to devote time to raising them and feeding them. Homosexual couples and those married with kids are part of this, too.

But what about us without children? What would they have?  My answer to that, is time.
Most of us don't raise kids, so how should we contribute to society? Volunteering for something. Get educated and motivated politically. Get involved in science and create new medicine or space travel. Plant your own organic food. Learn a new language.  Take care of the elderly, animals, your own nieces/nephews..

You know, everything hardworking hetero's have little or no time for, gay people should take care of. This is how we can contribute to human society.

I'm not saying to do it when you're too tired; we're all human after all. We need sleep, food/water, and love. But that time which most of us would otherwise spend on kids if we were straight, could be used for something wonderful. We have some great potential here, let's not waste it.

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