Sunday, July 8, 2012

three weeks, really?

I just noticed I haven't written in three weeks, GASP! 
Still alive and working p/t in the Ft Lauderdale area and yes,  I'm still that Positive happy go lucky guy.

On July 4th I ventured onto water about the Mussett for the Fireworks Gay Tea Cruise and I gotta say I had a blast.  Hanging out with some new friends, dancing like a fool with who knows and seeing some GREAT fireworks from peoples homes along the Intercoastal. 

Have YOU ever seen RENT live? The musical I mean!! I did at Broward Center for Performing Arts on July 6th. It was put on by students in their summer camp program. I'll be blunt honest it's not  THE best performance I've seen but the story is always good & touching.  My favorite song from the show is now, not Seasons of Love but "One Song, One Glory."  Perhaps I'll sing it karaoke one night.

Here's the song from the motion picture

This Saturday,  July 7th I stopped at the Pride Center and walked though it's monthly flea market, No bargains for this guy but it's a nice simple space and I can only bet "in season" it's PACKED.  If I hadn't bicycled there I would have bought an orchid for just $10.

I wish I had more to report and I know I will in three more weeks since I decided to make a trip to Washington DC and see the Names Project Quilt on the national mall
That's bound to be so emotional for me.

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