Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a bit older

Whoa, what happened?  I was just getting used to my age then WHAM like a brick wall, despite the warning signs but who in South  Florida pays attention to those,  it hit me!!  One year older as of Dec. 13.

To keep this blog the "any man" I'll leave it to be my age now ends with a 9. 

Should be nothing to write home about so I'll write it here.

With no real plans to do much on a date in mid December when my age ends in a 9, I thought meeting a few friends for a small dinner out would be nice. That changed when Brett said "Honey, for showing me so much about this area I didn't even know existed, I'm gonna cook you up some thing special" and he did

Instead of eating out and with Bretts kitchen being so much smaller  than mine, after he spent the day shopping he took over the 5th Ave kitchen making 'ka bobs, bbq ribs, potatoes and what all.

Of course the room mate was on the invite list as well as the man who invited US for Thanksgiving and his  man. 

We talked & learned more about each other, ate (did I mention Brett cooked a LOT of food?) and just enjoyed a nice quiet night in

Thats a positive life for me :)

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