Thursday, December 1, 2011

why this

My first blog post called Dec 1st appears on a Live Journal account but since that doesn't allow for subscriptions and I plan on blogging every other day, I'll be using from here on in

Whats the point of this? As a gay man living with HIV in South East Florida with roots in the Midwest,  ( Chicago area and northern Wisconsin <go Badgers!>) and spending time in Dallas (can we say starched jeans?)
I hope to share some thoughts, dreams and hopes with you.

Please subsribe and comment   

One thing though, I'm being anonymous here but in real life I am open about being queer and with my HIV status.  Heck I wear my "I'm Positive" t-shirt in public, belong to a cyclist group of positive riders called Positive Pedlers  but here, I want to be the "everyman" or "any man" - The Pippen we all are.    Can we live with that?

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