Thursday, December 22, 2011


Needs, want's & such are IMHO often confused.  I know I desire a good relationship, quality friends, health, housing and a decent wage for what I do.

Seeking those is part of setting goals, some thing I try to do and evaluate now & then. 
Long term goals and short term goals are often confused (by me at least) so I look at each of them and see where I am with each one

Moving from the cold of the midwest was a 7 year goal and by setting short term goals of working harder, saving more money and adujusting for a major change helped that process and here I am; Sunny Ft Lauderdale.

Becoming certified in one field of work was a goal I had since moving here a year ago.  It took a bit longer than I expected but it happened and now I'm working in that field. 

Now I'm thinking about what someone said the other day "I'm horny and I want it NOW"
If  I don't get laid I'm getting a bathouse membership and getting all I can

 Sure, I get or feel desirous of sexual companionship and in no way am I a prude that way but to say  out loud "I'm horny and I want it NOW" just didn't sit right.   But then again, thats me and since this is my blog & story, well you get the picture.

What that comment did for me was to think about what I do or want when hormones kick in.
Dreaming of the ideal mate helps; thinking up beat thoughts helps; being kind helps and just being there for  others does too.

I can say thats what MY needs & wants are: Happiness in a form that fits my style 

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