Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where did my weekend go?

Yeah, yeah I know I said I'd try to post some thing here every other day.  N.B. the keyword here is "try."

Work, as much as I like it & the people I work with added a new role to my job description.  More hours, responsibility  & all that comes with it.  I even have a GREAT crew of volunteers who enjoy what we do.

That job came to fruition Saturday at 5:30am.  After some long hours out doors (not too bad for South East Florida) I worked at the Broward Center for Performing Arts just so I could see  Kinsey Sicks.  This Dragapella had me laughing out loud (no LOLing here!!)  Four Jewish drag performers all doing Christmas songs (or a version of them) Ovey in a Manger & Worry (a parody of Bobby Mc Farin's "Don't Worry..") were my two favorites. Feel free to borrow my CD of that show.

see a wonderful example of this well trained & both in music & comedy here

What I missed by working all day was a social event called  SouthFlorida Positive Social group.  The review online sounded so nice I hope to make it to the next one

As an upbeat message I leave with this “Life's to short to let somebody destroy your happiness”

I came across it on an a4a account  

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